Catalystz™ Execution of your self-defined projects

Maverick Center’s Catalystz ™                    Executing your self development projects.

  • Major life event management & support services
  • Mindset education and expectation management
  • Skill set training
  • Maneuvering through life’s major events and planning for the future with a Catalyst by your side

 Our Proprietary process 

The process is focused, life changing, and extraordinary. More importantly, it’s one-on-one.  In a short time period, through professional guidance and our proprietary discovery process, you will define your problem areas, define triggers, develop new habits, and set a plan in motion to carefully guide you up the road to the life you always wanted.

Together, we’ll evaluate your current positioning, your life progress to date, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and aspirations, your family unit, your relationships, your office/staff/systems, your daily life, and your livelihood. Through this process, we’ll help you work through a massive amount of information about what you are doing right, bring out and release what is holding you back, and set you on course to reach your short and long-term goals and visions.


The investment is mental, physical, personal, and financial. The result is the best, personalized, all-around approach to a complete life that exists today.

Work with us one-on-one for 6 weeks ($5999) or 12 weeks($10999). This is equal or less than the cost of most one (or two) U.S. college semesters. We guarantee results.

6 week One-on-One consulting: 

12 week One-on-One consulting: 

For by-the-hour questions and guidance click here.

We are aware of the vastly different approach we have innovated for this engaging and innovative process so it is likely you will need to ask questions in order to understand how this will help you gain a better life. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page to hear from others we’ve helped. Also, you will likely want to talk to us first so Contact us  to schedule a free question/answer session. In the subject line, please type Schedule a Mini Catalystz session.

“To have it all, you’ll have to balance it all… in order to keep it all.”      MaverickDiane






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