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Saturday November 10, 2018 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Where you are  →  Where you want to be

Saturday November 10th, 2018 2:30pm-4:30pm

Are you where you are supposed to be in your life? Is life passing by too quickly? Do you search for a safer way to get from where you are to where you want to be? Many people have visions of where they SHOULD be.  What prevents YOU from getting to where you want to go? How do you get from A to B? It’s the gap between where you are and what you want (we call it the chasm) that stops the many of us because of the unknown factor. Most try to view the gap and what’s in it from the sidelines, realize that they cannot see how long or deep that black hole might be, then they decide not to enter. Their life continues on slowly, time is lost, they are unfulfilled, and things seem off or not right. In this POWERFUL workshop, we will take you on a safe, intellectual walk in and through the chasm so that you are prepared and ready to accelerate the journey to your best lived life. You will be able to use the information dispensed to change the outcome of your life in a positive and informed manner.   You will be lead by a guide who has taken people through the chasm for seventeen years and is a transformation specialist gifted with the ability to verbally dispense this highly usable, self-propelling education.  It’s similar to pioneers hiring an experienced wagon-train-master to take your group to the new land. The group has already decided to go, but they want to travel with someone who has been there, knows the shortcuts, and can be your trusted guide.

This power packed workshop provides self-advancement in-sites, tips, tools and education as you manage the distance between where you are and where you want to be. It provides a proprietary self/life-management plan which is what keeps most of the others from getting what they want.  We’ll start out by determining  where you are and help you visualize where you want to be. Then, most of the workshop is spent on how to manage the chasm and yourself, to get where you wish.  We offer point-on evaluation projects and self-management guidance tools. We discuss how (and why) to handle your time while in the chasm between the different, often competing, categories of your life.  We’ll present the concept of self-ownership (freedom to pursue the future), offer tips to better place yourself to follow your dreams, and begin an action plan for how to manage overall personal balance so you can better enjoy the forward movement of an advancing, balanced life (that even the busiest of us can do).

In this powerful life-enhancing advancement weekend you will:

  • Consider your top 3-5 goals/dreams
  • Re-view the rest of your life from a best-use-of-a-lifetime perspective yet with practical, safer steps
  • Determine the arenas in life in which you want success
  • Anchor your dreams/goals
  • Learn how to go after those dreams/goals
  • Breakdown your life into life-success-categories
  • Consider your top competition
  • Understand the philosophy of overall life management
  • Receive a proprietary, management-of-self evaluation tool to get one’s bearings while in the gap
  • Complete an in-depth look into your worst life group to begin a success plan for weaker arenas
  • Provide an action plan for how to manage the overall balance and forward movement of a life (that even the busiest of us can carry out)
  • Define what freedom means to you
  • Unfold a plan to own yourself
  • Receive a money management approach
  • Understand debt and it’s affect on real freedom and dreams
  • Receive tips on how to move out of debt
  • Determine your positioning with self management including action, mindset monitoring and mindset re-set
  • Learn about ‘chasm thinking’ for success
  • Hear about how to create a self-management plan
  • Develop three action steps for one of your goals/dreams while showing you how to do the same for all the rest of your goals and dreams
  • Meet several participants to begin to set up what we call ‘advancement friendships’

Online Registration: $197

Use code: EARLY1

On-site registration: $227



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