Choosing livelihoods that work for you!

You think you are seeking the next way you will make a living. Deep down you know that ACTUALLY you want to redesign your life in the process.

We can make this happen.  Work should work FOR you!

We provide tips, options, & alternatives to re-think, take over, design, and balance your livelihood, life, family, and living. Maverick Center helps you explore and determine options so you can decide what works for you. If you don’t like the choices, we’ll help you develop a unique model that serves you.

canstockphoto9632362 Why our breakthrough approach is so different:

The focus is on you.  Now, while others may say this, we spend HOURS with just you, desiphering the puzzle, uncovering just the right livelihood matches, and supporting you.

How we work:

We work with you to determine your NEXT businesses/livelihoods/careers/ jobs and help you start the transition from A (where they currently are) to B (where they want to be in the future) with a focus on true independence (self-owned as much as possible).  We specialize in helping you determine the- B (what you want to do with this lifetime).

We approach livelihood design from a perspective of preparation for more than one livelihood. The focus is on preparation of what is next after THIS livelihood in case you will want or need more than one (from our viewpoint, this is likely).

Maverick Center Programs:

Support for individuals who want to determine:

1)   WHAT to do NEXT to make a living (ThinkMaverick™ program)

2)   HOW TO transition into the next livelihood (ForwardMaverick™ Help Line)  support for Mavericks who have completed the ThinkMaverick program.

3)   HOW TO become an independent or entrepreneur (if the chosen livelihood requires it) (ForwardMaverick™ Help Line) support for Mavericks who have completed the ThinkMaverick program.

4)    SUPPORT for the ongoing educational journey toward self-ownership, entrepreneur thinking, life balance, and small business (ForwardMaverick™ Help Line) for Mavericks who have completed the ThinkMaverick program.

Maverick Programs offered:

ThinkMaverick Program:

Collaborating with independent thinkers to identify a custom-fit, fulfilling business/livelihood/occupation and living.  

In addition, we specialize in more complicated scenarios (examples are interlacing livelihoods with personal complexities such as childrearing, caregiving, retiring, or deeper purpose).

Our ThinkMaverick program supports the choice of your next business/occupation. Livelihoods are meant to wrap around YOU and work FOR you. It also provides the design of the personal mission, combining work/life planning, and choosing a business model.

For more information click here: ThinkMaverick™ Program

ForwardMaverick Help Line:

Independence & Entrepreneur Education: Ongoing training, education and support for the individual in charge.

Business support: Plan, start and develop a custom-fit, fulfilling business/livelihood/occupation and living.  

Balancing all-important aspects of the independent’s life: coordinate business progress with personal success (in areas you deem to be important like family, leisure time, health, and so on).

Our ForwardMaverick Help Line is as-you-need-it-education, support, and advancement. Once you are approved as a applicant, then you call when YOU want help, guidance, or another way to view a situation. Ongoing Independence & Entrepreneur Education is: self-mastery, self-management, self-reinvention, business mastery, and counterbalance of all identified important personal and business arenas.

For more information click here: ForwardMaverick™ Help Line