Maverick Center

Comprehensive self management/life balancing. Substantial growth and more fluid transitioning. Lose what owns you. Transform. Re-design your life.


One-on-one guided life transition support. Life transitions can be wanted (i.e. just had a baby or want to start a business) or unwanted (i.e. handed unexpected divorce papers or mid-life crisis).

ThinkMaverick™ Method

NEXT business, entrepreneurship, or career determination... centered to you.


Our methods are life altering, but don't take our word for it. Here are just a few testimonials from other mavericks...

Maverick Center's Maverado Gatherings

Join one of the many advancement community gatherings to meet vibrant, individuals who cherish continuous self-development and a growth mind-set. At our gatherings center in Chapel Hill, NC we discuss deep, meaningful subjects like best use of a lifetime, self-transitions toward a well-lived life, and how to best yourself (and SO much more).
We are major-life-transitions experts. We are good (check out our testimonial page). In an individual life there are many transition points. We support the larger ones. Major life transitions come in two forms: Wanted and Unwanted. 1) Some WANTED transition points are: Become an entrepreneur, stay at home with my new baby, change the direction of my current life, or lift out of a mid-life crisis. 2) Some UNWANTED transition points are: re-designing a life after being served (surprise) divorce papers, losing a loved one, spiritual awakening, being fired, or bankruptcy. Life transitions happen whether we like it or not. Avoiding them often has serious repercussions. It’s usually better to face the transition. We help you understand the lesson/s, fluidly manage the transition, learn from mistakes/fears/decisions, develop a plan to move out (and up), and expertly support you through the process. The work we do has always been considered ‘maverick’ (the name came from actual clients). It is visionary, progressive, and it works!

Transitions work with us can also be life changing and transformational… if you allow yourself to go there.